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B!GDOR creates innovative digital experiences for your customers. We use advanced digital engineering to ensure these experiences run smoothly. And we enable customer-facing and operational insights with the power of big data analytics.

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Big data implies enormous volumes of data. It used to be employees created data. Now that data is generated by machines, networks and human interaction on systems like social media the volume of data to be analyzed is massive.


Big Data Velocity deals with the pace at which data flows in from sources like business processes, machines, networks and human interaction with things like social media sites, mobile devices, etc. The flow of data is massive and continuous.


Big Data Veracity refers to the biases, noise and abnormality in data. In scoping out your big data strategy you need to have your team and partners work to help keep your data clean and processes to keep ‘dirty data’ from accumulating in your systems.

We Believe : Technology Brings Transformative Changes to Business

At BIGDOR, we focus on delivering the best of value to all our assignments. As such we do not pose limitations on capabilities of our workforce. Our engineers are assigned some of the best and most challenging tasks as far as project specifications are concerned.


We pride ourselves on delivering cutting edge solutions that innovatively and technologically push boundaries. Our solutions and capabilities are augmented by a professional team of subject matter experts, analysts, & consultants

Data Consulting

We are helping clients on how they can utilise their information technology (IT) to optimally achieve their business goals.

Development & Implementation

Our expertise in providing web solutions and developing web apps will help clients get a competitive edge in the market.

Application Services

Creating mobile applications that change your business outlook. Applications for Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Symbian.


We utilizes the practice of search engine optimization to increase the amount of visitors to a Web site by obtaining high-rankings in the search results pages.

Technical Support

Our Technical Support Services help leverage businesses to improve lead generation & customer satisfaction by providing competent technical resolutions.

Web Services

Continuously shaping our services to meet the growing demand for fast, secure and interactive websites.

About Us

Our business lets you focus on your business.

B!GDOR , which is a partnership company was established with an aim of providing tremendous support to the new entrepreneurs by the end of the time. For that, at present, the most important agenda according to the company is to unveil a product called CMS & MIS to the main stream market. Just before explaining about CMS&MIS, it’s necessary to give a brief introduction. For new entrepreneurs, it’s precisely a herculean task how to market their products and services in the market. Some of the barriers stand in front of the tasks may be the following ones

  • The competitors who provide the same products and services.
  • The inefficiency of the marketing strategies that can’t assure the availability of the consumers
  • The inefficiency that can’t provide the aftersales and maintains services to the customers.
  • The lack of awareness about the products and services of the concerned

Our Process

We Provide good services with cutting edge technologies.













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